Need to know

With its picture-perfect beaches, enviable cachet of luxury property, and rise in sleek coffee shops, it’s little wonder that Caymanians regularly claim their island to be the most liveable in the world. Add to the mix a first-rate food scene and a growing list of adventures, excursions and cultural attractions on its doorstep and you may just find yourself agreeing with them. We’ll give you plenty of reasons to hit the beaches come rain or shine with our helpful need to know guide


Get your honk on

It’s so damn hot almost everyone drives, and the rules of engagement are to honk for everything. From saying “morning!” to ”move ya self!” you’ll hear a percussion of horns everywhere you go. It’s also customary for the local busses to beep to see if you need a ride.

Taking sides

Grand Cayman is roughly divided in to two parts. The west is the place for those seeking Seven Mile Beach and a more cosmopolitan vibe. The east, while not as polished makes up for it with island charm.

Here’s a tip

Whether you’re saying thanks for your Mudslide or trying to get into that new club, don’t be shy with your cash – it’s customary to tip and it’s what keeps the service at the top of it’s game.


Walk on the wild side

Cayman is alive with all manner of flora and fauna. Forget the clichés about the dangerous stuff - there are no poisonous spiders here. So get off the beaten track and explore the wild side of Cayman.

Hot under the collar

It’s either hot or really hot so shorts are practically uniform, although much of the business community still wear suits. That said, an average temperature of 77F during cooler months (December - April) means you may need an evening jacket for those formal affairs.

Late-night tales

Cayman is more a morning island than a night time one. There is no admittance into bars and clubs after midnight on Saturdays, and generally no drinks served after 3am. That said there’s a growing cocktail scene and pool parties a-plenty.


Staying safe

Cayman is a very safe island, however if you do find yourself in a pickle here are some useful numbers: Emergency services: 911; Country code: 345; International access code: +1; George Town Hospital: +1 345 949 8600; Kirk Pharmacy: +1 345 949 7180 (closed Sundays)

Pedal to the metal

Cycling is growing as a good way to get around, although keep your wits about you! Indicate your direction by sticking out a hand and bear in mind that traffic from the right has right of way. Helmets aren’t compulsory but lights at night are. Bikes are usually available from the local hotels and condos.

Getting around

From island jeeps to custom convertibles, hiring a car is the best way to get around the island, and there a number of reputable local and international car hire companies to help.



There are several public buses that run throughout the districts. The bus terminal is on Edward Street, adjacent to the Public Library, in George Town. Daily services commence around 6 am and fares start at CI $1.50. Licensed buses have blue number plates and accept both US and Cayman Islands dollars. There are a few bus stops around the island, but buses can be flagged down from the side of the road.