Limited Edition Turtle

Limited Edition Turtle


This Mariner Surf Co Adjustable Hat features mesh panels for breathability when it's hot and an adjustable back for the perfect fit. The limited edition custom Turtle print on the underside of the peak was captured at Hepps Wall Dive site on the Northwest Side of Grand Cayman in November of 2017 by local photographer Chase Darnell. Available in mesh and full fabric.

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Mariners Surf Co. was founded in 2016 by Caymanians Jonathan Crossan and Mica Koll. The company is focused on conserving and preserving the natural environment of the Cayman Islands so all can enjoy now and years to come. 

A portion of all sales goes towards environmental projects created to help preserve the environment of the Cayman Islands. To date Mariners Surf Co. have been involved with conservation signage, beach clean ups, kids surf competitions and fundraisers.

All Mariners Surf Co. merchandise is limited edition and each uses local photographers images as a key element of each design.

Both Jon Jon and Mica are local surfers who grew up loving the waves and ocean of Cayman. Their hope is to keep this wonderful country pristine while at the same time educating the younger generation of the importance of taking care of the natural environment.

The Mariners Surf Co. logo was created by Jon Jon and Mica and represents the way in which they feel about surfing and the ocean. It’s part of their soul, life and company. The wave in the heartbeat signifies that.